Our semi-sweet chocolate wafers are great for melting and dipping.


Ideas: anything you want to cover with chocolate -

Other ideas: fondue, cookies, cakes, ganache, truffles, cake pops....


How to melt: place in bowl with a bit of coconut oil or margerine and melt over a pot with water on the stove OR melt in the microwave - pulsing as you go. Be sure to stir as they don't look like they're melting because they hold their shape until ou stir.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Wafers

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    A Little Pizza Heaven - all locations

    Aramark - U of M

    Country Roots - Henderson Hwy

    Mountain Bean Cafe - Henderson Hwy

    St. Leon's Market - St. Mary's Road

    U of W - DiVersity


    Due to COVID and its restrictions we are now offering wholesale products. Contact us at info@cocoabeansgf.com




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