Our passion is yummy baking that just happens to be gluten-free. Our breads,cakes, cookies and other special treats are so yummy that you can share them with your friends and family and they won't even know it's gluten-free.


While we wish we could accommodate every allergy and sensitivity - it's just not possible at this point in our short business life.  Please be patient with us as we explore new flour blends and recipes - it continues to be a challenging way to bake - and we're doing our best. :)

Cocoabeans began in 2010 in response to 4 family members being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Determined to make a difference and make really yummy food Betsy began experimenting with gluten-free ingredients. It started simply with trying to re-create a loaf of bread and a chocolate cake in her kitchen. From there it grew to a separate commercial kitchen in her home and farmer's markets.

Gathering important information from her customers at the various markets, she began to see a need for gourmet gluten-free baking. People wanted fancy cakes, treats and bread that didn't fall apart. Sourcing ingredients was tricky and there was a lot to learn but with much perseverance things continued to move forward.


In December of 2012 a new home was found for Cocoabeans - our first stand-alone bricks and mortar bakery at 268 Tache Avenue in St. Boniface.  It was a great space to learn, experiment and grow. Feedback from customers was incredibly important in the next big decision - move to a larger space.

In September 2016 we moved to 774 Corydon Avenue - our current home. It has been a challenging couple of years getting to know how to run a restaurant and bakery under one roof. Sourcing gluten-free and vegan ingredients continues to be a challenge. Our customer feedback continues to be important and we value their incredible loyalty and patience.


MAY 2017

JUNE 2018

Restaurants, Cafe's and Markets
that carry our PRODUCTS
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A Little Pizza Heaven - all locations

Aramark - U of M

Country Roots - Henderson Hwy

Mountain Bean Cafe - Henderson Hwy

St. Leon's Market - St. Mary's Road

U of W - DiVersity


Due to COVID and its restrictions we are now offering wholesale products. Contact us at info@cocoabeansgf.com




774 Corydon Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3M 0Y1
Bake-shop: 204-918-5313


Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 6 pm

Sunday & Monday    Closed

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