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Adagio Acres (Organic & Gluten-free Oats)

Owned by Donald and Amy Nikkel of Lundar Manitoba


We are an organic family farm in Manitoba. We love putting seeds in the ground, watching them grow, and sharing the harvest!   We believe that food should be a reminder and an excuse to slow down, to find a relaxed 'adagio' tempo that provides time for family, community, and the things that have real value to us.


For us, a slower tempo means re-imagining agriculture as a practice that makes sense for our family and for those around us.  It means taking time to consider the needs of the land that we live on, one handful of dirt at a time.

Heritage Lane Farms - Free Range Chickens

Owned by Albert Peters-Pries of Blumenort, Manitoba

(used in our Chicken Pot Pie & Chicken Salad Sandwiches)

We’re always working to provide the healthiest environment for our chickens. Each chicken is given ample room to run around and enjoy its surroundings. At the earliest signs of summer, we throw open the barn doors and let the chickens range outside.


Together with the local feed mill, we developed a ration which is totally free of any animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. In consultation with the University of Manitoba, we learned to manage our chickens’ protein intake and exposure to natural and artificial light to allow them to grow at a natural, healthy pace.

We are committed to our chickens’ health and to your health, too.  That is why every single one of our chickens passes under the watchful eye and scrutiny of an inspector from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.



Manitoba Maid - Jams & Syrups

Owned by Sam & Paulette Crampton of Starbuck, Manitoba

(For sale in-store and used in our Jam Jam Cookies)


Crampton jams are neither pricey like health food products nor cheap like jam imports from Poland and the Czech Republic that fill many stores shelves. But then those companies can't give you jams made with local Saskatoons, or Pembina plums, or diced rhubarb made into jams, or a marmalade with carrots and oranges.

"We have a completely different product," said Paulette.



Pioneer Meats - Altona Farmer Sausage

We got our start in 1968 when founder Bernie Penner started selling fresh, locally made farmers sausage door to door in the little town of Altona, Manitoba. Decades have passed and a second generation continues to run this thriving family business.  We're still in Altona and proud of it. We’ve grown in many ways, but there are some traditions we'll never change.



Prairie Quinoa - who knew Quinoa grew in Manitoba?

Owned by Percy Phillips of Portage La Prairie


Our Amber Quinoa is grown in 3 locations, one smaller field close to the City of Portage, the largest field directly south of MacGregor along the Assiniboine River and then the second small field near Erikson, Manitoba. So if you want to put a pin on the Board, just go straight south of MacGregor to the Assiniboine River and stick the pin there!


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A Little Pizza Heaven - all locations

Aramark - U of M

Country Roots - Henderson Hwy

Mountain Bean Cafe - Henderson Hwy

St. Leon's Market - St. Mary's Road

U of W - DiVersity


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