Bring the Cocoabeans experience home! We make and package our mixes in store to ensure everything you take home is 100% gluten-free! 

We carefully chose the best ingredients for all our mixes. They can be made dairy-free or vegan by substituting for non-dairy butter or milk. 

What we carry...

Pie Crust Mix

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Baking Mix - Cup for cup

Chocolate Cake Mix 

Gluten-Free Rolled Oats

Pizza Mix 

Pancake Mix

available in 5lbs, 3lbs or 1lb bags


Love to bake ? or looking to share with a friend? We can sell in bulk for some of our dry ingredients. Contact us to place an order, these orders take some time for us to fill. 

Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Flour 

Only Oats 

Organic Brown Rice Flour 

rolled or quick.

25 lb

50 lb

50 lb





Frozen Mixes

Pre-orders Only ! 

Raw Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (dairy-free) 

Thaw. Scoop. Bake. Eat ! 

(Makes 1 dozen Cocoabeans sized cookies) 

Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes 

Raw Pie Dough - 1 kg
(dairy-free / egg-free/ vegan) 

Thaw. Scoop. Bake. Eat ! 

Restaurants, Cafe's and Markets
that carry our PRODUCTS
Get in Touch

A Little Pizza Heaven - all locations

Aramark - U of M

Country Roots - Henderson Hwy

Mountain Bean Cafe - Henderson Hwy

St. Leon's Market - St. Mary's Road

U of W - DiVersity


Due to COVID and its restrictions we are now offering wholesale products. Contact us at info@cocoabeansgf.com




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