Triple Layer Chocolate Cake

free from: gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts (contains soya lecithin)


Our classic Chocolate Layer Cake is heavenly. Rich chocolate cake layered and covered with chocolate frosting. This cake is very dense and moist. It tends to go a long way.


Serving Size:

4" Smash Cake:  2-4 

6" Triple layer: 6-10 

8" Triple Layer: 10-15

10" Double Layer: 15-20


Cocoabeans is the only dedicated gluten-free bakery in Manitoba.

Classic Chocolate Cake

  • FREE FROM: gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts (contains soya lecithin)


    Store in the fridge until 1 hour before serving. Does very well frozen.

Restaurants & Cafe's
that carry our stuff

A Little Pizza Heaven

Clear Lake Trading Post

Mountain Bean Cafe

U of W - DiVersity

Aramark - U of M


Due to demand on our kitchen we have had to end our wholesale delivery.


Restaurants willing to pick-up for use in their menus are welcome to inquire at

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